Raney’s work is often described as clean, polished, and luminous. This is the basic foundation from which every application is created. With a fore score’s worth of background in theatre, many years dipping her fingers in products working at cosmetic counters, and a makeup diploma in her back pocket, she somehow managed to turn a hot and heavy love affair into a full time career. With an enthusiasm for dress up, travel, parties, food and culture (no doubt sparked during her youth in Seattle), she’s established a brand that celebrates exploration, individuality and PLAY!

Now that she’s called Atlanta home for the last seven years (with her Teacher of the Year hubby), she’s committed to the motto that while makeup is without a doubt valuable and powerful, it is also absolutely disposable. It washes off, right? It’s a temporary accessory that you can mix, match and experiment with depending on the day, the weather or your mood. Sure, makeup has some tried and tested attributes that have endured through the ages, but it can’t be denied that it’s also fun! So Raney embraces the opportunity to encourage women to take chances-walk the tightrope a bit and see what they can discover when they open up and try on the colors and styles they’ve admired on their friends, mothers, on stage and in print.

The prevailing theme to Raney’s work? Rules are for the birds. There’s no set age for wearing this or trying that. And, there’s definitely no should or shouldn’t. Plus, there’s always the end of the day (a personal favorite for Raney), when you can take it all off and appreciate the beauty you’ve got, bare-skinned.