…ok, she may be a little obsessed with makeup. It is so much more to her than products you apply to your face. Makeup is an accessory to an outfit—it expresses style and personality—it is an art form. Claudia discovered her love for makeup as a little girl while playing in her mother’s makeup drawer preparing for ballet recitals. Makeup made her feel more beautiful. She realized when you enhance your God-given, physical beauty, it is more than just an outer transformation. Looking and feeling beautiful makes you feel powerful. You exude confidence and joy.

After years of putting her advertising degree to good use, Claudia decided to fully embrace her love for makeup artistry and hair styling and make her hobby her career. She first focused her talent working with brides and now Claudia can be found on set for commercials, backstage at events and in studio for photo shoots. Regardless of who she works with, she values building a relationship founded on communication, collaboration and trust.

Claudia is known for her natural, soft style, but she loves every chance she has to play with color and texture. While beauty trends both past and present inspire her work, it is often the other creative folks she gets to collaborate with that give her creative energy. She loves to look for the beauty in everything and everyone around her, and she feels blessed that part of her job is to enhance and enjoy the beauty of the people she works with.