After completing her Bachelors degree in Studio Art followed by a Masters in Architecture, Erica Loesing has created a life working with her hands. She is a designer and a maker, carefully crafting everything from delicate papercuts to large scale installations. Whatever the medium, her work focuses on how the details come together to tell a story. Erica finds her true fulfillment in contributing thoughtful and beautiful design solutions, echoing the craft and attention to detail she learned from her father.

In the footsteps of Louis Kahn’s “brick,” Erica adores making simple materials shine and becoming something new and unexpected. Her work marries traditional hand-drawn, handcrafted techniques with more current technologies, offering what she hopes to be a fresh design perspective.

Some of her other passions include gardening, baking, entertaining, yoga, her dogs, collaborating, watercolor, calligraphy, farmers markets, inspiration boards, hot tea, and traveling. But most importantly her husband + new baby Henry. For more of that just find her on Instagram. 😉

Her work has been featured by a variety of publications, both in print and on the web. All of this and more at