Alright, Mondays are never fun, we get it. But we’ve got the most amazing wedding for you today, that is going to blow you away, and start your week the right way.

Missy + Sten chose Vinewood for their laid-back celebration, which inspired a vintage, rustic theme across the board, but kept it playful too. The mauve tufted couch, hanging parasols and handmade fabric boutonnieres were all great elements that made Missy + Sten’s wedding their own. We love the bright bouquet and florals Jennifer at Virtu designed, it’s hard to look at them and not feel happy. The whole evening had that light-hearted, playful and fun vibe, and Matt Miller, from Our Labor of Love, did a helluva job capturing this in his dynamic photos. He is a rockstar!

Was anyone else really impressed by Sten’s high-kick skills?  Seriously.

As eclectic as Missy + Sten’s wedding was, their menu was surprisingly traditional, with a slight twist. Meatloaf sliders with sun-dried tomato mayo, brioche boxes with pimento cheese, and pad thai with toasted cashews and avocado were passed after the ceremony. The buffet dinner menu featured buttermilk southern fried free range chicken, mac n’ cheese and black pepper biscuits– perfectly southern. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Missy + Sten opted for a cookie cake and dessert bar,  which were big hits, and very “them.”

Missy + Sten are so genuine, and their wedding was truly theirs. Just the right mix of casual, vintage, and fun, and filled with lots of laughter and love. Missy + Sten’s love is sort of intoxicating, and whether you’ve know them for years, days, or ever just spent few minutes sorting through their photos, you can’t help but love them too. It’s all that warm-n-fuzzy feelings stuff that reminds us how lucky we are to play a hand in so many lovely couple’s weddings and keeps us grateful, even on a Monday.

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