Today, we get to do one of our favorite things in the world. Rave about one of our most beloved Studio1658 vendors around, VUE Photography’s creator, Genya!

Where do we even start when it comes to Genya? Maybe in Highlands, NC, where we got our first taste working along side her during Kendall + Patrick’s big ol’, way perfect, wedding. She wowed us then and every wedding since! Genya’s got an incredible eye for photography and the ambition to make any shot possible. And the proof is in the pudding… errrr pictures. Time and time again we have felt so lucky to have weddings where she is listed at the photographer, knowing it’s going to be a slam dunk, without a doubt.  Just take a look for yourself.

HOLY CANOLI! Imagine having your wedding photos turn out like these.

Wedding photography was never what Genya imagined she’d be doing. But after studying photography in college, and gearing up to go the commercial route, Genya took a job shooting a wedding while in England and fell in love!  One exhausting 8 hour day later, she was hooked, and realized how priceless the opportunity to create precious art for clients, that they would hold dear forever, really was! She moved back to the States, and VUE was born! Since then, she’s been kicking butt and taking names, and it was an absolute treat to have her join us at Studio1658. She recently re-did our store front in Candler Park, proving she’s got creativity flowing from her fingertips.

Genya lives just down the street from the cafe and Studio1658, so as our neighbor, she, and her uber adorable family have been coming to eat with us for years. They are such big SIMB fans, when Genya + Pete got married a few years ago, it was a no brainer (we hope) who would feed their guests. It was so special getting to spend their special day with this wonderful crew, even if we did have to dodge some mid-summer thunderstorms.

Genya was sweet enough to sit down and let us pick her brain too, so here’s what phenom photog had to say.

From styled shoots to the real deal weddings, when VUE Photography’s Genya is behind the lens, it’s sure to be pure bliss!


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