Vendor Feature – Blue Eyed Yonder

We first met Krista at Blue Eyed Yonder through mutual friends in the industry a few years ago, and man, what a perfect match! First off, this lady and her tag-teammate, hubby Chris, are just the sweetest people: so lovely to work with, bounce ideas off of, and call our friends! But secondly, as the owners of Blue Eyed Yonder, a vintage rental company located in Atlanta, Krista and Chris have an amazing eye for finding one-of-a-kind pieces that can add charm and history to any event.

Every shoot Krista has asked us to be a part of has been a grand slam. Remember the Derby shoot at Serenbe, or the chicken inspired photoshoot that was featured in Southern Weddings? Seriously, everything BEY touches turns to gold, so it was a no-brainer to ask Krista and Chris to join Studio1658. Since they’ve become Studio1658 members, Blue Eyed Yonder has already perfected two of our window displays, and we couldn’t be more proud to have them turning the studio’s storefront into an artful vintage photo collage, or a Shiny & Brite holiday display. We are just smitten.

This duo is constantly on the look out for interesting pieces, and have an inventory that makes us drool. From vintage couches, desks and whimsical accessories, to the perfect getaway car (yes, that’s right they have an amazing collection of vintage vehicles that will blow you away!) BEY’s collection is more than impressive. And Krista also offers styling services to pull all of your event elements together, and creative a cohesive, vintage vibe for photo shoots, weddings and all celebrations in life. Learn more about how Blue Eyed Yonder can creatively contribute to making your dreams a reality, and peruse their inventory, here.

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