We believe that life is about people and the relationships you build. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and the importance of spreading love, we’re happy to announce a very special contest for the month of February in conjunction with a Valentine’s Day dinner service on Tuesday, February 14th. We want to hear about your True Story and the relationships that are important to you. How did you guys meet? Why do they matter to you? What value do you and your loved ones place on relationships?
1. Watch the video of the True Story of Matt, our Director of Operations, and his wife Lauren
2. Share this post, tag us and a friend, and include the hashtag #suninmybelly and #truestory
3. Include a few words about your True Story and someone you care about
We will choose two winners at the end of the month to receive a $75 gift certificate to Sun in my Belly.
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“I’ve worked at Sun in my Belly for the better part of a decade, forging life-long relationships with the people I’ve met here… the most iconic of these – my wife.
My life was pretty crazy 7 years ago. During a low point, I cut off all contact with my family… One day, my mom sneak-attacked me at the cafe and request to be sat at one of my tables. She brought a friend (Lauren) with her to meet me. It’s pretty crazy, but my mom had this whole idea in her head that if she introduced Lauren to me, we would fall in love and I would come back to my family.
That totally happened.
Life was never the same after that meeting at table 90 seven years ago…
Sun in my Belly went on to cater our wedding, and last year we had our first baby, Bellamy (who is a regular fixture at Sun in my Belly). Lauren is pregnant AGAIN, and I can’t wait to introduce the next member of our family to my family at Sun in my Belly.
Thank you table 90.”

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